Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Play? Select your sport, contest, player mode and difficulty level. Save your game and select your opponent in a weekly or season long contest. Make your picks and lock them in before the first game begins. You earn points with every winning pick.

  • Contests

    With a combination of fantasy-style scoring and Vegas-style game play, we offer an innovative game experience based on your interests. Pick the winners outright, select the teams to cover the point spread or choose over/under the total points scored.

  • Difficulty Level

    Whether you’re a first-time player or one with years of experience in fantasy or Vegas-style sports, you select your difficulty level. Even the playing field and know your competition. Rookie, Veteran or Pro, it’s completely up to you.

  • Player Mode

    Select how you want to play. As a Single Player, you compete vs. the entire nation. Head-to-Head puts you one-on-one vs. your opponent. Jump into pool play if you’re looking for a multi-player experience with big points and bragging rights on the line.

  • Sports

    Select your sport. Game play will begin with college football, college basketball and MLS soccer. Future sports will include NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL and PGA.

How Do I Keep Score? Our app provides you with advanced sports metrics and performance management tools using our CoverSharks Power Index. See the details of your game experience in a series of analytics that engages you with the sport and other fans like never before.

  • CScore

    Each player is measured with players across the country no matter the sport, contest, player mode or difficulty level. Your CScore is based on a composite average that is similar to a QB rating in football or field goal percentage in basketball.

  • Levels

    As you score more points with each contest, you reach new levels of play. You never have to wonder who you are competing against. With CoverSharks, you always know the playing field and the level of your competition.

  • Points

    Measure your performance by earning points with each win. With our real-time scoring system, you keep track of the points with up-to-the-minute precision. The more you dominate the game, the higher your point total.

What Are My Menu Options? With menu options at the touch of a finger, you are always in control of the action. Get a dashboard view of your previous, current and upcoming contests, view odds before each game, check My Picks before locking them in and see the latest scores.

  • dashboard

    See all of your contests in one easy view with the Dashboard. Whether you’re looking for current contests or ones from past or upcoming games, the Dashboard shows your points, CScore and level of play all in one easy-to-view screen.

  • My Picks

    Once you’ve imported the games you want to track, My Picks displays them in a watch list for you to select from. Save your picks for later as long as you lock them in before the games begin. Follow the action of each live contest for your chance to win.

  • Odds

    Game odds for each sport are displayed for you to track all of the action. Select your games from the Odds tab and import them to My Picks before locking them in to play. Odds are updated daily for an added element of skill and strategy.

  • Scores

    For the latest live game action, view Scores to track each contest. Not sure how your opponents are doing? Scores gives you quick and easy access to live contests across the country. Filter your search to view your favorite conference or division.