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It's a numbers game of favorites vs. underdogs.

Team Fantasy Sports Game
Playing withCoverSharks

When you play with CoverSharks, the points that you accumulate are based on the value of the selection in relation to the final outcome of the contest. Our game options include picking winners straight up, winners vs. the point spread, over/under, money line and probability odds. Our real-time scoring system is unique to fantasy sports and utilizes sport-specific algorithms behind our CoverSharks Power Index to calculate the results of each game.

CoverSharks Power Index CoverSharks utilizes an “action-specific” index for each sport and each action a player chooses. This allows you to customize the way you want to play. The CoverSharks Power Index is broken down into four distinct algorithms based on the contest you choose to play.

  • Point Spread Index (PSI)

    Do you just want to pick the WINNERS straight up? The Point Spread Index creates a value for each team based on the number of points they are considered to be the favorite or the underdog. You pick the team to win based on their value established by the point spread.

  • Action Points Index (API)

    Do you want to play the POINT SPREAD or TOTAL? The Action Points Index sets a point value to cover the point spread or total. Additonal“action points” are awarded for the margin of victory vs. the spread or total.

  • Money Line Index (MLI)

    Some sports don’t utilize a point spread to manage who is the favorite or the underdog. Instead, sports such as Major League Baseball and the NHL establish who is favored and by how much with the money line. Our game play algorithm converts the money line to a point system allowing you to pick WINNERS straight up. Teams are valued based on being a favorite or underdog vs. the money line.

  • Odds Probability Index (OPI)

    Individual sports such as NASCAR and the PGA use the odds of a participant winning the contest to rank them as a favorite or underdog. CoverSharks converts these odds to a point system giving each participant a value so you can pick your favorites to win based on this probability.

CScore 0 to 100 The CScore is your composite player rating vs. everyone who plays in your pool and across the nation. No matter which contest you choose or how many games you play, your CScore provides a real-time measure of how you stack up vs. the competition. The CScore is on a 100 point scale with scores ranging from 0 to 100. If you score 300 points with six picks in a contest, you have a CScore of 50.

  • Points

    Each time your pick wins, you earn points. Your total points and the number of games you pick combine to determine your CScore. As your point total increases, you earn achievements and reach new levels.

  • Levels

    Always know the skill level of your competition. Players have three levels to reach based on their overall CScore. Score big points and raise your game to the next level.

  • Achievements

    Earn achievements with outstanding performances in individual contests. Your CScore in a particular contest can reach 100 if you win every game by a convincing margin.