It's not a new game.
It just feels like one.

Team Fantasy Sports Game
Team Fantasy

CoverSharks has developed the concept of Team Fantasy Sports with our patent pending game management system. The sports metrics and performance management of each player is measured using our unique scoring index. In addition, our game analytics and customization options take our latest innovation to a whole new level.

The Game Within
The Game.

Whether you like research, data analytics, in-depth team statistics or you're just a fan of your favorite team, you are always in control of the action.

Raise Your Score. Track Your Points. Reach New Levels.
Team Fantasy Sports Game
Team Fantasy Sports Game
Raise Your Score

Every win earns points!
Earn points based on the value of your selection in relation to the final outcome of the contest. CoverSharks utilizes an action-specific point system for each contest you choose.

Track Your Points

Raise your game. Score big!
We track the points you score in each game as it happens. See where you rank vs. other players in your contest and across the CoverSharks Nation.

Team Fantasy Sports Game
Team Fantasy Sports Game
Reach New Levels

Know how you stack up!
CoverSharks motivates you to elevate your game. Score big and reach new levels. With Coversharks, you always know the level of your competition.